Here is a test piece I just Finished

I was working on trying to do some cheap train and I found a pretty cool way to do it is a quick tutorial

Krista ripped out a couple pieces of foam from the old mattress and then I grab some toilet paper put a little bit of water on it and shaped it into some shapes of some exotic plants if you will

This technique works for many other things to do including characters you just let it dry in the sun and it hardens then you can clear coat it or paint it is an example of the character that I need using the toilet paper technique just toilet paper and water

Next I grabbed some thin rope from the 99. Twine works too

You simply cut a couple small pieces and Frey the tops like so

Then you simply hot glue the toilet paper and the tops of The Frayed pieces of string to the piece of foam

slap some paint on it and you come out with something looking like this

A great little piece to your table you like this please comment like subscribe follow me all those cool things at all the everything DND social sites would you can find at the top or bottom of this website thanks guys

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