My King Grol Rendition

Dnd sat

As you barge in you startle a large bugbear wearing a gem encrusted silver crown.

A large wolf sits at his heels

The bugbear was conversing with a female drow dressed in dark leather armor with a black hooded cloak covering her face

The chamber is setup as a crude living space with various hide rugs thrown about a large bed sits in the north end next to a brazier filled with glowing hot coals. To the south there is a table and chairs and on the ground next to them lies a badly beaten dwarf who look to be just barely clinging to life

The bugbear looks at you and in a deep booming voice says

Who are you and whats your business here?

If asked

I am King grol and this is my castle. Now tell me why shouldnt o kill you all right now?

Combat started

The drow faces you pulling two daggers from her belt. She suddenly turns and jams one of her daggers in the the small opening between grols chest piece and shoulder pad.

Roll d6 dmg

Grol let’s out a yell that turn in to a deep growl he grabs his morning g star from his back and slashes it fiercely through the air hoping to catch a piece of the drow.

DeX check 13
On fail d8 dmg

Hit knocked to the floor

Dodge rolls back toward the party dodging the attack.

So Veelith your working with these Puny Peasants. Then you shall all die.

Party Roll for init

After combat
If drow is alive

I am veelith. My mentor had an agreement with king grol and that stupid meatflap tried to change it. You must go. Dont mind the dwarf I’ll take care of him. Go now get as far away from here as you can.

If the party start to look around veelithe urges them to leave again.

If the party attack veelith

Veelith wipes the blood from her face and start to laugh

Suddenly a dark cloud of black and purple fog engulfs the drow woman.

It clears in just seconds revealing an 8 foot tall humanoid creature with grew skin long gangly arms and milky white eyes

The creature speaks

I gave you an out and you didnt take it? Ah so gundren and the map are in your thoughts. The forge and the cave that holds it still out of reach. This magic is not yours to wield

not to a sexually confused wizard a two bit illusionist and  a Norwahlian who misses her urchin daddy. You will all share the fate of gundren. You will all die here in this castle today.

My master. The Spider has sealed your fate

Roll for inititive

After the battle

If gundren is still alive

Thank you so much I need to get back to Phandalin. I need to find my brothers can you. Can you help me. . The dwarf passes out.

If he is healed he tells you he couldn’t have held up much longer he know grol has the map hidden in this chamber. He wants you to get him back to Phadalen to find his brothers Nundro and Tharden

Characters search the room involved check 10

Hidden under Grols matress you find a stitched leather sack with 268 gold pieces 2 potions of healin and a potion of invisibility

You also find gundrends map marked with the exact location of wave echo cave.

You now know the cave entrance is about a 5 day walk to the East of Phandalin at the base of the Sword Mountains

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